3 Month Fundraising Challenge

As a family we have always been into walking and the outdoors. Living where we do, we are blessed with being at the foothills of the Pennines and have beautiful walks in abundance from our front door. For the past 8 years we have continued to do what we can with these walks and include Charlie as much as possible. This has included various different carriers, wheelchairs, even a huge buggy from Canada (which at one point had 7 members of the family attached to a large rope to get it up a hill in Whitby!). However, now, at 8 years old we have become stuck. 

I run a community walk in the area once a month where we go right out over the moors with the most recent being last Sunday. I was talking to George about coming on the walk when Charlie piped up with “I would love to come Dad, but I can’t do it can I?”. It broke me. Its such a simple thing that we all take for granted and he is missing out, and as a Dad that hurts. I want him to continue to be able to participate with his family, I want him to have new experiences and he currently can’t.

But there is an answer. Having trawled the internet for hours, watched hundreds of YouTube videos and spoke to numerous people I came across a fantastic off-road wheelchair. A wheelchair that would allow Charlie to get out and engage in activities with us. A Wheelchair that would give Charlie his freedom and independence. So here it is, the stumbling block, the cost. The cost of this freedom and independence is currently £15,000.

So that is it, that’s what I have to raise. I have accepted that this is a massive amount of money, but I have to do it. I realise that this will not be raised by a one-off fundraising event, so I have set my self a challenge.
From the 1st of March until the 1st of June I will be completing a number of personal challenges and fundraising events in the hope of raising the required £15000. So far I am in the process of planning the three peaks walk, a three day fast and a number of other fundraising events.I will be blogging and Vlogging my progress throughout the 3 months so everyone will be kept up to date with how the challenges are going!

This is where I need your help! I need suggestions and ideas of other challenges I can undertake, and I am willing to try pretty much anything! So if you have any suggestions for me please add them to this thread via the comment box below! All suggestions are valid and will be considered so please add as many as you can think of!

Thanks all for your help and support, and finally, wish me luck!


  1. Vicky

    Charity Single! I will sing on it for you! 🙂 Haha. Good Luck. xx

  2. Tim J

    Wishing you all the luck in the world with this! What about a 24 hour cycle? You could do it between a few people 🙂

    • Kevin butler

      I will defo be up for that to help


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